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I've just been prescribed new ADs and it was Mirtazapine (Tradename Remeron). She told me they'd help me sleep and make me feel drowsy and it would wear off. The problem is that I took the first one last night at around 2am and then I woke up at 2pm feeling really sleepy and made myself coffee, went for a walk and then came back and I just couldn't keep my eyes open so lay down. I didnt really fall asleep, I more had these really tripping like hallucenations and I couldn't snap myself out if it, it lasted like 3 hours and really freaked me out. I don't know whether to perservere. Anyone had experience with this drug?


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    How many mg are you on? (Strangely, the sedative effect of remeron is inversely proportional to dose) The sedative effect does lessen as your body gets used to the drug, but how long that takes really does depend on the person.

    Also, be prepared for some possible weight gain as it makes you crave sugar. I gained quite a bit of weight on it but on the plus side, i know others who didn't gain at all. The weight gain is down to a change in appetite rather than being metabolic, so if you have enough willpower to stay away from the fridge, this shouldn't be a problem.

    Good luck :)
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    I was on it for a bit, it didn't have any real effect on my mood but it made me so sedated I was sleeping an average of 20 hours a day which was very impractical for me and made me feel depressed as I wasn't getting anything done that I needed to (as I was a university student with a dissertation to write at the time). Also had some weird experiences of sensations of people that weren't really there whilst on this drug but as far as I know it was not related to it as I've had them before taking the mirtazapine.

    But it does work for some people and can be particularly good for those with insomnia, especially where other anti-depressants have already been tried. Hope it works out well for you :)
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