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what made you chose your university?



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    I had the choice between Aberystwyth and Hull. Hull had just been voted the worst place in the world to live (by the people who live there), and Aberyswyth had grass and stuff. Also Aber needed higher entry requirements so I assumed it was the better course.
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    I chose my university because:
    • It is far enough from home (2 hours) but not too far
    • It is city based
    • It is a Russell Group university
    • It is one of the best for the course
    • It has an amazing Students Union and facilities
    • I visited and it just "felt" right

    And I know I made the right decision :thumb:
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    I chose York over Reading because I went to the Reading open day and hated it - it was just far too big a place than I felt I could cope with at the time. I actually accepted York before I'd been to look round it because at the time it was ranked 6th in the UK and that made me feel a bit proud for getting into a good one. Reading was about 37th I think.

    I went to look round it with my cousin, who was in the 2nd year at the time. The city was so good I had made up my mine as soon as I saw it, which was useful as we never actually made it to look round the campus! :o

    What English are you planning to do there? I do English Language and Linguistics and it's a pretty damn good course and department. The Linguistics dept is one of the best, and the Phonetics department within that is one of the top in the world, on a par with one in Canada I think.

    I can't comment on the nightlife in York really as I don't like clubbing, but I think there are 3 or 4 clubs that people tend to go to all the time in the first year, and then a bit in the second year but then mostly go to Leeds, which is really close by train and cheap to get to. There are lots more clubs there. The city has lots of other stuff though that is good.

    York accepted me, but I turned it down for Nottingham instead. I was going do the the joint honours Literature and Linguistics course, which looked really good, but I was put off by it being quite a quiet place, and I wasn't that impressed with the campus. It certainly had a very good reputation and is definitly in the top ten university in the county. I chose Nottingham instead in the end, because I preferred the campus, the city was bit more lively and the course was a bit more what I wanted to do (english language and literature rather than linguistics). But York was a very very close second, it was a tough choice. That's why I made this thread!

    Nottingham actually wanted slightly higher grades too, even though I thought York would. But they were only slightly different.
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    Important factors for me:

    - had course I wanted
    - not in my hometown
    - good academic reputation

    I narrowed it down to the six which I applied to which were: University College London, Birmingham, Durham, Bristol, Bath and Nottingham.

    Bath seemed too small for me from the feel of it as it is a small campus university.

    Bristol had way too many hills, after spending a day there I couldn't walk for about a week.

    Durham was quite far away and the offer seemed a bit high. I didn't bother visiting Nottingham (I have since) either.

    Birmingham and London both had what seemed like my ideal course in big cities which I like. I went for UCL as I have always wanted to live in London.
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    what made you chose your university?
    i often ask myself that question :chin:
    looking back for the life of me, i can't see why :yeees:
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