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University easter holiday lectures.



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    Sofie wrote: »
    Crap. Try telling that to a friend of mine who got Cs in everything and failed all of her A-Levels. And there are schools who say you need at least a B else they won't let you on the course.

    I'm talking about the 5 A*-C's. And I never said that passing your GCSE's will mean you will pass your A levels.
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    As most other people here have said, it depends on what the subject matter is.

    If it is purely academic and oriented towards your degree (i.e. more in-depth lectures about chemistry) then it is totally unfair that it is women only. That's discrimination.

    If, on the other hand, it's lectures with a topic matter oriented towards women's issue (how to get a job in a male dominated workplace, how to deal with sexual harrassment etc), then I think it's fair enough being women only.

    As a previous poster mentioned, if I went to an impotence class, I don't think I'd be entirely comfortable talking about it in front of other men, never mind other women. Similarly, there are issues and topics which deserve to be contained within a female only environment, since they can be difficult things to talk about when men are there.
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