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Stress / aniexty / agoraphobia

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Okay. So like last year i started to have difficulty going out places n shit like that.

Since then its just gone down hill. I cat barely go out anywhere now.

I've developed IBS from stress and am tired all the time which makes going out even more difficult

My docs given me beta blockers which help a bit. I got referred to some consuelling in jan, had to wait months for that, then they referred me to some phychiatric people who im still waiting for.

I just wanted some advice from people who have been in similiar situations.

Any way i can make things easy till i start to get some sort of therapy / treatment.

I use to do a fair amount of drugs which probably has something to do with my current condition. I also had a very stressful year last year for variety of reasons which didnt help much.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I used to have huge anxieties. For so long. I would cry and have panic attacks and could hardly go outside. It would happen in cycles. At the bad times I couldn't even bare to get out of bed and would lay there for days at a time. I would tell people I couldn't go out, then feel bad that I never went out and the cycle continued. I used to almost hyperventelate just having to ask someone at mcdonalds for ketchup, and would make my sister do it.

    I found therapy to be very h elpful. The most important part was finding out why I was acting/felt that way. Once you figure that out, which can take some time initself, then you can work on changing the ways... which can take even longer...

    I think the most important thing I learned... well not really learned but came to realize is that at times it may seem like you are having no progress and things are not getting any better but theres not a quick fix. It can be a slow learning/life/thought changing process.
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