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After reading Bongbudda's trip report, I thought I'd ask if anyone else has had any nice or not so nice times with aciiiid.

What is the trip like? I don't take any drugs but the the few times I've tried weed/hash I've gone into panic attack mode so it's put me off that and chmeicals for life. When you have smoked weed you feel "stoned", is that how you feel on acid as well as seeing things? Or do you just see things?


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    well i can't talk about acid since i've never tried it yet but i've tried truffles which are mushies and whenever i was taking them i was stoned and it was like my stoned feeling on cannabis was enhanced by about a 10000 times, it was fantastic.
    I never had full on images or anything but small things in the walls were different, i was looking at different images for ages and could concentrate on something for a very long time and find it very interesting, wierd but good,maybe next time i'll leave the drink and puff out of it and just take a large portion of truffles.

    felix; you say you went into panic attack mode, care to explain.
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    felix; you say you went into panic attack mode, care to explain.

    Always happens.

    The first time I had a smoke was about 5 years ago with this guy in his house one Christmas eve. Not sure how many joint's I smoked, proberly about 2 I think... Maybe one and a half.

    I didn't feel that stoned untill he asked me if I was and then I suddenly realised I was and started thinking getting really worried about the fact that I was stoned... paranoia. Then when I got home that night I just when't really panicy like I felt I was gonna die or something.

    twice after that about 3 years later I tried it and on the second time I had the exact same thing happen to me as before.

    The 3rd time I tried it I just rolled a small spliff with a small amount of hash in and had a couple of beers before I when't clubbing. That was great because I wasn't pissed and I wasn't really stoned like the time before and I got the giggle a fair bit. I found something about my mates mum quite funny... Lucky for me You've been framed was on telly at the time. Got to the club and I was sober again

    4th time I tried I was round my mates after I had a few beers and him a few of his smoking mates few blazin' away when I thought.. what the fuck, might as well. This time it was weed and I got stoned but it was just like I had drunk more than my fair share of beers. Got a little paranoia walking home but that was about it. Then I got the munchies and done some beans.. Just about to put them in the microwave and they started saying something to me which I couldn't make out... So I just thought I'd just 'em up and cook them for a bit lol. So that wasn't so bad.

    The other time I came home from clubbing about 11ish because it was shit so I thought I would go round this guys house and get a little hash. Got some and when't home and skinned up and smoked only about 3 small spliffs... and thought it wasn't working and when't to the loo.. soo as I got in the loo I could feel a tingle like pins and needles go from my legs up to my head and then I thought to my self. oh shit I'm stoned and just had this panic attack where again I thought I was gonna die, etc.

    Tried again a few other times and the same thiing just happens. Dunno why I try it because I know what will happen.. Half the time when I try I'm pissed. Not smoked any for a good while though. Proberly learned my lession now lol.
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    there is one thing that will get you out of this paranoia....


    with some music on and puff lightly on the spliff, enjoy the buzz, go with the flow.

    just say to yourself, your stoned, so what, it will wear off, enjoy it.
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