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Just a rant about my C**t of a boss

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OK - I have been doing this job for just over 3 years, its in TV as a library assistant. I started on a contract but was made full time staff after 2 years.

A year ago I applied for a newly created job in my dept as a senior person (Basically managing 2 people) - I got the job but was asked by my boss if I wanted the good news or the bad news!!! I opted for the good and he said 'you've got the job but the bad news is you failed to impress at the interview and someone else performed better than you (My mate) so you're on probation' !! ..Weird

So I said I needed time to think about if I wanted the job after all and questioned why they hadn't given it to the better candidate!

Anyway - 3 months later I 'passed' my probabtion but eversince I feel like I have not been given as much respect as the other two managers who were appointed at the same time. I have been told by my boss that my library is not 'broadcast critical' compared to the others and that is why I am paid less than the other two people and that is why some people who are on a lower level are paid more than me!!! (He later denied ever saying this)

Recently I have been sent on a shit load of 'management trainee' courses which have been really good, the one thing they have taught me is that the people who manage me are not very good at managing!

So - I was supposed to go on another course but cancelled it because there would not have been any cover in the library. When my boss found out he insisted I book myself onto another course. However, during the course one of the staff is off on holiday and so I am arguing that it is unfair to leave one person to so the job and I'd rather not leave them to do that and so I don't want to do the course. My boss decided to arrange cover, but the person who is doing the cover knows nothing about my job and will end up leaving loads of work for the person who is on holiday.

I hate them all and I seriously think I should look for another job...is this shit or am I just being a twat? I have given the benifit of the doubt so many times but I'm about to lose it completely. How can I get them to repect me more?


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    Firstly, I don't know a thing about how your job operates, and the structure of your department and things, so I could be talking out of my arse, but it does sound as if you're being treated very unfairly. The thing about the training courses sounds particularly unthinking on his part, as that affects everyone in your library.

    Is your boss this arsy to other people or do you feel personally picked on?

    I think you definitely need to talk to someone. Is there another senior member of the department (your boss' boss) who you can complain to?

    Also, if you're not a member already, you really need to join a trade union, who'll be able to help you out if you feel discriminated against.

    I hope things improve - it sounds like you have a really interesting job, and it would be a shame to pack it all in because of a few nasty colleages :)
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