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In September 03 i Emma, will be attending college (for the second time) to do my A Levels. 3 of them to be exact and a GCSE retake. When i was in school i just wanted to work, but now ive realised you dont get anywhere without qualifcations. So off to college i trot. Thing is at first i wanted to do my A levels then go to University but i see my mates all working and i want that too. I dont wanna spend the next 5 years learning. Im more of a "doing" person.

I've always wanted to be a hairdresser ever since i was little. I love my hair. Im always changing it, styling it, colouring it etc. I wanna do that at college instead of my A levels but i know my mum thinks thats a "waste of my talents" and that i could acheive much more. But realistically speaking, i doubt ill go to university...then what use are A levels in the real world? Fuck all.

I dont know what to dooooooooooo :(


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    Yes A-Levels may be of fuck all use if you decide that you aspire to be a hairdresser and that's it. But you will find them handy if you fancy changing your job later on in life I think. People recruiting like to be able to look at a CV and see qualifications down there.

    Of course, if you're set on doing hairdressing then change your mind later I doubt anyone will ever ask to see the certificates for those A-Levels that might be on your CV...

    It's up to you really, though, not your mum.
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