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    Well that went well. I'm literally considering shaving it all off. It's not even the stupid alopecia this time. 

    Tw I guess it's classed as self harm 

    I've also got trichotillomania which means I pull my own hair out. It started when I was in P4 so about 7/8? It's the most horrible thing in the world, there's no treatment and it makes me want to die. I'm so ashamed of myself and wish I didn't have it. Nowhere has been able to help me with it because there's no research on it and I literally want to cry. It's making me so fucking depressed, I worked so hard and now I've ruined it. Wish I didn't have to have this shit, it just brings me right down. Nobody I've ever met has had the same thing and I can't even talk about it because people would be freaked out. I'm literally scared to even mention it to people. Matt knows and so does his mum but my god it's so embarrassing and frustrating. 

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