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Hi guys 
So I have got some bad news well for me anyway I have just found out by my mom that I might be going back to school soon cuz they messaged her and said I could go in but it was by her choice and she’d rather said me in even tho the death rates are high 🥺and she’s not even a key worker she’s just making me more and more anxious then I already am and the worst thing about it she decided to tell me at night when that is the worst time time for me as some of you know when it hits night that’s when I dread it a lot and now my mom told me that it does not help one bit I really hate going to 6th form as it is anyway. Also they never follow the rules properly anyway😭
She just seems to make stuff whole lot harder for me when I am perfectly fine doing online school on zoom and she just has to ruin.
Sorry for the rant I just had to and sorry I said I hate 6th form it’s just because that’s how I feel about it.
also I will be doing posts now and then at night to get all my thoughts out well abit like a diary and it will be underneath this one because this one is the first one of tonight.
or I might just keep you updated every so often 
Thankyou for reading ❤️
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    @Emoji246 Hey Alina,

    No need to apologize to us for anything, I promise. I'm sorry that your mom is making you feel this way. With the virus still around, you shouldn't have to go into 6th form if you don't want to. Is there anyone at your 6th form that you can explain the situation to? If so, they may be able to come to another solution if you don't feel like you can talk to your mom. 

    About your posts, I think it's a great idea to get all your thoughts out at night. It may be a really good help because you'll be talking to us and distracting yourself from all the bad thoughts. Maybe you could write in a diary too? I use one and I can say that it does help. Always keep us updated Alina. We love talking to you ☺️.

    Here if you wanna chat. Stay strong 💪🏻

    -Liam ❤️❤️

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    Hey Alina I definitely agree with Liam he’s given you some brilliant  support . Writing things out before bed helps me a lot and we’re always happy to listen  <3

    As for school I’ve actually been In my school the past two days, I understand that it’s super scary but it’s super quiet and virtually empty. In the past two days I’ve come in contact with nine people and we never got closer than 2 meters. Everything is wiped down constantly and masks are always worn. I know we go to different schools but I’m sure they’ll be following similar procedures. 

    Wishing you all the best , we’re always here if you ever need anything <3
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    Feel really exhausted now after this week every time I’m in the light I feel like passing out tell me it couldn’t get any worse for me 😓
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    Hey @Emoji246 how is online working going ? I’m sorry you’re feeling really tired it definitely is tiring. It can be a good thing to take regular breaks which could be some gentle exercises or making yourself a cup of tea. These can help give our brains a little break. And sometimes give us better focus to allow us to work more efficiently.

    We’re always here if you ever need anything  <3
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