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Sleeping problems

_Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Keep being you<3Posts: 1,367 Wise Owl
Hi guys 
I just want to make a short post about my sleeping problems.
So basically I come off school a week earlier because my mom said it was to risky to send you back and I really didn’t feel safe so my mom let me off.
since then my sleeping pattern has gone all over the place which that is called I have sleep deprivation and I think I’m going to die because of my sleeping pattern has been such a mess I’ve been going to bed at 5 in the morning and waking up 3pm can you guys give me some advice please that would be much appreciated 💗


  • independent_independent_ Resident Coffee Addict ScotlandPosts: 7,819 Legendary Poster
    I used to do that on school holidays, I’d get into a really bad routine (still in one to be fair and I’m not in school anymore haha) I can reassure you that you probably won’t die because of it, in fact it’s quite normal for our sleeping patterns and body clocks to change depending on our routines. Also, teenagers have different body clocks to adults - it’s just more natural to stay up later and wake up later for teenagers. I actually found that it helped me to get much better sleep when I was on holiday from school and could actually sleep like that :) 
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  • SciFi_456SciFi_456 Posts: 131 The Mix Convert
    Hi @Emoji246 👋

    How are you today?

    Sorry to hear you have sleeping problems. I've been having my own recently where I wake up multiple times in the night for split seconds every night and then going back to sleep again so I can sort of understand how you're feeling.

    Have you tried sleeping tablets possibly? Maybe that's something worth looking into or talking to your mom so she knows the situation. 

    One possibility could be breaking off routine i.e. breaking up from school a week early. This could've broke your sleeping pattern and has ultimately caused you to be sleep deprived at certain times of the day. 

    What j would suggest is try not to worry about it too much. It may just pass and once you get back to school you'll get into a routine again. If you feel the need to talk more, we're here to listen. 

    -Liam 💪🏻
  • awesomeminecraft6789awesomeminecraft6789 Broken mess ✌ BirminghamPosts: 1,052 Wise Owl
    Hi emoji246 

    I'm sorry to hear that your having sleeping problems I can relate to this cause lately with everything going on in my life I haven't really got much sleep because I've had all of these things going on in my head my question for you is:

    Do you know what's causing you to not sleep? That could be something that you could write down and come up with like a few that may or may not be causing this to happen and try to like you know come up with a solution if you know what I mean. 

    Its very unlikely that your going to die from it I highly doubt you will something I'd also recommend is having a hot drink preferably something like tea or warm milk cause what I've found is having something warm but with not too much sugar in should calm you down as well as warm you up do you think you could try that for me? Just give it a go and if it doesn't change anything you like YouTube videos right? I'd recommend putting on some music that's calming and relaxing not anything like rock pop or anything like that you might find it boring but it could also help you do you think you could give that a go?
  • _Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Keep being you<3 Posts: 1,367 Wise Owl
    Thankyou  guys for all the messages @awesomeminecraft6789 referring to what you said I really don’t know why I can’t sleep properly I do have a diary to write stuff down but I don’t know why but I haven’t wrote in it for ages so I might try that again I think night time is the time that my thoughts have started to built up and me worrying about everything like unhelpful thoughts just go through my mind. I do have a warm drink like coffee because I don’t like tea anymore.yes I do watch YouTube mainly listen to my favourite music but that dosent take my mind off things for long but I will keep trying 💙
    i will update you all💗
  • ChloeChloe Posts: 25 Boards Initiate
    Having a sleeping pattern that doesn't make you feel great, but are struggling to change can feel like such a "stuck" situation! Having a diary to write things down sounds @Emoji246 sounds great as you never know what might pop up. 

    Some things I know / have learnt:
    • Coffee / caffeine has a half life of something like 8 or 9 hours. This means that the effects of caffeine only half after 8/9 hours - that a REALLY long time. So if you're in any way effected by caffeine, you probably want to avoid it (and it's in things like chocolate etc too!) for at least 9 hours before you want to go to bed. Sometimes we think we're not effected but it has an impact on our quality of sleep
    • Night time people and morning people are real things. Are inner body clock can prefer one or the other, which means you have to keep working to have a 'normal' sleeping schedule. Just something to acknowledge in the journey!
    • Stay away from screens before bed / whilst trying to sleep. It actually stimulates the eyes  and brain and wakes you up
    • If you can't sleep, try getting out of bed until you feel you're ready to sleep. If you stay in bed you can start to associate being in bed with being awake - not the plan obviously!
    • Try not to put pressure on yourself. The more you force it the harder it can be to find! You will find things that work for you, but it might take you a while until you know what works for you when you need it. Also, I heard that with jet leg it takes one day to alter a sleeping patter one hour... so give yourself plenty of time too.
    Hope things get better for you soon!
  • _Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Keep being you<3 Posts: 1,367 Wise Owl
    @chloe Thankyou for the advice I will try them out and update you how I get on 👍🏼
  • _Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Keep being you<3 Posts: 1,367 Wise Owl
    Update_guys I think I know what’s causing me not to sleep at a sensible time and I will do a discussion about it 
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