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How I recovered from abuse - The Mix

SystemSystem Posts: 8,643 Staff Team
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imageHow I recovered from abuse - The Mix

Clare tells The Mix how she recovered from sexual abuse after years of self-harming and depression.

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  • LorryTruckLorryTruck EnglandPosts: 165 Helping Hand
    This broke my heart
    Here I am, once again
    Way too close to the edge
    Terrified, open eyes
    I'm seeing red
    I would rather die tonight
    Then let you down one more time
    Sick of coming undone
    Letting down everyone
    Mediocre at best
    Maybe better off dead
    Am I a failure from birth?
    Is misery what I deserve?
    Am I just so void of love?
    That I'm never good, never good enough           Never good enough - Citizen Soldier
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