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How I recovered from abuse - The Mix

SystemSystem Posts: 8,643 Staff Team
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imageHow I recovered from abuse - The Mix

Clare tells The Mix how she recovered from sexual abuse after years of self-harming and depression.

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  • LorryTruckLorryTruck EnglandPosts: 158 Helping Hand
    This broke my heart
    Stay on the inside. Don't let your secret out.
    Reveal the landslide. That's always pouring.
    Down, down like the rain. Can you see me drownin'?
    Drifting away. They'll never understand
    Why I disappear, the voices that I hear
    Calling me into the darkness
    I'll breathe in, I'll breathe out, so sick of holding it down
    Where no one sees, this mess of me
    It's okay, I'm alright, even though I'm dyin' inside
    I'm never free, of this mess of me

    I'm ashamed, I'm afraid. If they knew the truth, of my abuse, what would they do?
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