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Social attitudes towards narcissism

RozirozRoziroz Posts: 2 Newbie
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TW: Negative attitudes to women
I have tried to use this site when noticing that it was posted onto a public forum i regularly visit however i have found it to be toxic and a waste of time. I was merely trying to open your eyes to reality but I did not have a chance to voice my thoughts. This will be my last visit here. This is not for support but to feed you facts.

It is my belief that the vast majority of of women in First-World countries are narcissists.

So why is there, the statistic that narcissists tend to be male?

The answer is blue pill cucks. (ignorance)

Only a completely brainwashed blue piller could say someone who spends 3 hours a day doing makeup is not narcissist. They say "They are just vain. Vanity." 

The level of brainwashing is severe and deep stockholm blue pill.

The level of brainwashing is deep. Like "2+2=5" level

Society openly admits that rich males and high status males are what women want. That you must impress her with a nice car and nice home. This is generally agreed upon by society. Yet then they deny that women are narcissists.what the fuck. How can they act like someone who dates people based on status and money is a good person. It's insane. So stockholmed. That you must work hard, praise and give tribute (respect women) like they are some kind of god, and "prove your worth" to women. Yet have the nerve to say there are more male narcissists than female ones. Female morality is also like the jew god's. "Do as I say not as I do" kind of morality.

Then there's jester theory. That you can cheat by not having money, but just entertaining women and giving them a good time. Which is the same as "tribute to gods". Like dancing as a court jester to entertain a heartless and serious queen. Yet have the nerve to believe that women aren't narcissists?

Oh and then there's look theory. That women are the same as men because they judge by looks and hotness. Except it isn't true. Most men are willing to date a chick uglier or fatter than them but women won't date a dude uglier or fatter than them.

And then they give an example of men being narcissist. Claiming these men were emotionally detached. Or cheating on them alot. Well men have to be emotionally detached. Because women can't be trusted at all. And maybe they don't want to get their heart broken by a cow. Maybe they cheat because other women cheated them in the past, and they don't trust women anymore. Second... why is it that women crave emotionally unavailable men so much? And are so disgusted by nice and compassionate men? If male narcissists do exist, it's probably women turning nice men into narcissists.

I do not consider oneself an incel. I opened my eyes to the world in my early teenage years. I do not hate women but i hate how men are deemed less important to them. I hate how they think they are the dogs bollocks. And men need to man up and show women that we are an equal if not more important. Stop letting them win and acting weak by claims of rape by being homosexual by dressing like them. Be a man and women see us for what we are. We are strong and priveledged and powerful we cant be like that. society is trying to change our views this is why i am trying to open your eyes.
It has been made clear that i am not welcome on this forum so i will go back to were i am welcomed and my views are understood. I wanted to say my last piece before to hopefully open the eyes of the ignorant.

Men must become men. This is imporant. We can be just as priveledged and powerful as women if we try.
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  • LaineLaine Fruit loop Gone for gooPosts: 2,766 Account Deactivated
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    The site being posted on another forum explains the influx of incel trolls then.

    In any case this is a place for support and if you really looked around you would see how kind both the men and women are here.

    I'm sorry you've found your visit to be a waste of time and I expect you are the troll we have had to ban lately. Group chat is a safe space to get support or conversate with others. Not force your opinion onto others.

    I'm sorry you've had a negative experience with women in the past but it doesn't mean you should take it out on others.

    I think it's best you stick to the forums where your opinions are more widely accepted.

    If you ever wanted to use the mix however for what it really is, or have a proper discussion. Then you can always come and get support.  

    🌈Positive thoughts🌈

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  • RozirozRoziroz Posts: 2 Newbie
    If you think that im a troll then you have got me all wrong.  i am Merely here trying to open the eyes of the ignorant.

    I have looked around and have tried to involve myself but i have been banned before being able to explain my views. I quickly came to realize that your late night chats were not the place to discuss my opinions and for that I apologise.

    i agree that it is best for me to go back to where i am made to feel welcome and included however i am open to having a discussion here if anyone is interested in opening their eyes and seeing the real picture which is seeing women for what they truly are and how to be a man if you are male.
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