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Has anyone been to Greenland?

AwkwardHipster_5AwkwardHipster_5 Posts: 9 Confirmed not a robot
I'm obsessed with Greenland. Recently, I began learning Greenlandic and all the basic conversational phases. It is a beautiful language which fewer than 50,000 people speak in the world. Unfortunately, the number of native speakers is dying out. 

If you are interested in Greenlandic music, there is this amazing Greenlandic YouTuber and she has written a wonderful songs in the native, traditional language. Her name is Malu Lynge and the song is called 'Uanga Inuunera'. It is so relaxing and details some of the hardest times in her life. 

Out of curiosity, has anyone been to Greenland? If so, what is it like? Where are the best places to visit and see? 

Also, does anyone have greenlandic heritage? I'd love to know. 😁


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