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Going shopping

DandelionDandelion Posts: 1,194 Wise Owl
I just got back from town. I had to go shopping to get a few bits, it was so busy nobody was keeping two metres apart. I ended up leaving without everything I needed cause I could feel myself getting too anxious. When I’m at work I don’t really notice, I’m on a till so I only have to deal with the person in front of me, but when shopping you have to deal with everyone else around you. I don’t know if it’s because the rules are going to be slightly relaxed soon or what but it was so stressful and if people are already acting like they don’t have to socially distance what is it going to be like when it goes down to 1+ metres. I live by myself so if I need things I have to get them myself but if it’s that busy I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it 
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  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 12,454 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    edited June 2020
    Hey I get you. I work on the shop floor and this weekend it was very busy. Last weekend before that it wasn’t busy. Idk if cause letting more people in now or what. But all getting bit too busy

      but if you are only walking by someone you’re not going to catch corona. It’s for longer period of times I think.  It’s only when people speak and breath right in front of your face  
    But yeah it is stressful 

    What I have noticed is I keep my distance from people any way. as much as possible so it doesn’t feel much difference to me 😂. Don’t like being close to anyone. 

    Sorry I don’t have much help to offer. Tbh in my view in kinda glad it’s busy because I don’t want the high street to end and I was scared everything will end up online if people realise it’s easier but yeah company’s need supporting. So i like to think of the benefits rather only focusing tooo much on all negatives. 

    Are you usually anxious in busy places or is it because of the corona?
  • DandelionDandelion Posts: 1,194 Wise Owl
    Thanks that does help 😊. I don’t normally get that anxious in public so I think it’s more down to corona 
    Today is a great day for a great day. 
  • MikeMike 🖥️🎧 LandaanPosts: 3,343 Community Manager
    edited July 2020
    I can really relate to this @Dandelion. It's difficult socially distancing when nobody around you seems bothered by it (sometimes even shop staff!). I don't know if this is helpful but when I'm in a situation like that, I try and make sure my face is at least angled away from people around me. I get pretty anxious too though and it's difficult (for me) to eliminate that completely in a situation like this. I tend to just try and shop at quieter times, which tends to work well.

    You said you live alone - is there anyone who might be able to grab things for you while they're out? Was it supermarkets you were mainly in or other stores too?
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  • DandelionDandelion Posts: 1,194 Wise Owl
    Thanks for replying @Mike, I always wear my mask now which I find helps, and I do try to angle my face away, this does make me feel slightly less anxious. As someone else suggested I can’t remember on which thread lol I tried going in the morning instead and it was a little quieter which was good. 

    I don’t really know anyone else well enough where I live so I can’t really ask anyone else to pick me stuff up, I try to get delivery when I can, but I feel bad taking slots away from other people who actually need them. So I’ve been shopping at smaller express shops which are normally quieter although I often can’t get everything I need. It was most stores I went into inc. supermarkets and clothes shops etc. I think it as well may just be because I’m from quite a small town but where I live when I’m at my uni house is a city (still pretty small but bigger than my town) so places are going to be busier than where I’m from. 
    Today is a great day for a great day. 
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