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Moving back home

Hello all, so I've now finished my degree and I'm living back at my family home. Moving back has made me appreciate freedom and space. 

How is everyone finding it being back home and what that's have you found helpful in terms of adjustment? 


  • DandelionDandelion Posts: 832 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi, I moved back recently as well and as I’m on a placement year back home next year (between my second and third year) I’m going to be back home then as well. I definitely agree living at uni makes me appreciate the freedom of kind of doing what I want when I want to 😂 especially I find in regards to making dinner and getting to choose what I want and when I want it. I also have to share a room at home compared to getting my own room at uni which is quite annoying. I find it helpful to try and find room so I can have my own space even if it’s just going for a walk or something by myself. 
    How are you finding it being back home? 
    Today is a great day for a great day. 
  • Tee ATee A Posts: 102 The Mix Convert
    Hey @Salix_alba_2019 !

    I'm the same as you! I've moved back home and it feels so weird  =)

    I'm in a similar position to @Dandelion, I share a room with my sibling so we're both still adjusting to that. To be honest, I already can't wait to move back out, I miss having freedom! I don't have strict parents but it still feels unusual to have to "check in" with everyone about what I'm doing. :astonished:

    How are you getting on!? 
  • Salix_alba_2019Salix_alba_2019 Posts: 1,037 Wise Owl
    @Dandelion I feel ya, have you thought about giving the room a bit of a rejig? 

    I've been okay now that I've made my space a bit more of my own. A good thing is that I'll be able to re decoratie the room so I'm really excited about that. I do miss my friends and my class, especially because we didn't get to have proper goodbyes. 

    @Tee A I weep 4 u,, it must be annoying at times 😅

    Also please feel free to rant away on the thread
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