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Need advice for an American who has mental health challenges

Lizzvest93Lizzvest93 Posts: 2 Literally just got here
Hi y'all, I stumbled on this site as I was googling things. I have many different mental health diagnosis and now I'm also being told that my challenge of restricting food is a form of self harm. I have already talked to my psychiatrist and right now she doesn't want to do anything yet. I go to group therapy each week for two hours and see a therapist weekly as well. I don't feel much emotion on a day to day basis and I have no idea what to do next. Also I am chronically suicidal so those come and go fairly often as well which doesn't help with trying to feel normal again after going through intense and longer term mental health treatment.


  • independent_independent_ Resident Coffee Addict ScotlandPosts: 6,470 Master Poster
    Hi there,

    Welcome to The Mix!! It’s important to note that a lot of the information on this site might only be relevant in the UK as this is a UK charity, but the boards are open to anybody. It’s great that you feel able to get support here.

    I’m sorry to hear of your struggles with your mental health. Do you find your therapy helpful in any way? Do you feel listened to by your therapist and able to open up to them?

    Know that we are always here if you want to talk about anything, or need someone to listen. 
    “Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 848 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi @Lizzvest93

    Welcome to the boards! It's lovely to have you here :heart:

    If you ever want to talk about anything we are always here to listen and support you. It sounds like you are going through a difficult time so you made a great step by joining the boards, and also by seeking support through a psychiatrist, therapist and group therapy. It's not always easy to talk about mental health or to seek help so this really is something to be proud of :heart: How are you finding your support at the moment?
  • Lizzvest93Lizzvest93 Posts: 2 Literally just got here
    Honestly at this point I think my goal of becoming a psychiatrist is the thing keeping me going. Most days are still difficult and excruciatingly painful but I somehow manage them. I’m actively looking for a new position to see if that helps with my PTSD symptoms to not constantly be reminded of all the what if’s and what could have been’s. 
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