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Thoughts & Mental Health Part 2

Have you ever struggled with negative thoughts or inner critic? If yes, you are not alone. Most of us tend to have an internal battle with our thoughts by spending a lot of time focusing on them and those unhelpful thinking patterns can strongly affect our mental health and increase our anxiety. This week, some of you shared their thoughts and their advice about how to overcome negative thinking! 👇🏾👇🏾

Recognizing THAT THIS BELIEF IS JUST A BELIEF. In fact, once we realize that those beliefs are not the reality, we can start to step back from those thoughts and disproving them to ourselves. When we pay attention to our thoughts, even if our mind tends to take our worries, our insecurities and our fears very seriously, it's important to realize that those thoughts are just thoughts, and they do not represent reality nor the truth.

CHALLENGE OUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. The amazing thing is that WE have the power to challenge our distorted thoughts. Often, we spend all our energy to focus on a worry that may never happen, so it's important to distance yourself from this thought by asking yourself some questions: Do you imagine the worst-case scenario? Can I see this situation from another perspective? In that way, those questions might help you to have more positive and rational thoughts and to change your focus from negativity to positivity and to calm your mind. ( See the last picture for more helpful questions!)

COUNTERACT NEGATIVITY WITH A POSITIVE THOUGHT. In order to do that, we need to train our minds to switch our focus from negativity to positivity. In other words, the best way to bring positivity into our life is to change our negative self-talk by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Also, It's important to ask ourselves, how can we bring and attract more positivity into our lives? The best way is to start your day in a positive and optimistic way by setting a positive intention every morning, reading a positive quote that inspires you, hang out with positive people or meditate on positive energy. By having a positive mindset every day and by surrounding yourself with positivity and with things you love and by being present, it will have a positive impact on your attitude.

EXPRESSING YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND BE PRESENT. It's totally okay to have negative thoughts. However, it's also very important to be able to let go of this thought and stop focusing on this thought in order to move on. You can talk about the way you feel, write your thought in a journal or even writing them down and then burning the piece of paper. When you overthink, redirect your thoughts on your five senses to focus on what's happening NOW. You can also distract your mind by engaging in activities to help you to be fully present - breathing exercises, meditation, sleeping, playing with our lovely pets, workout, music, dancing, and so on.

REDUCE NEGATIVE SELF TALK. Also, too often, we tend to hold negative beliefs about ourselves, to focus on our flaws and to be very hard with ourselves. Negative self-talk may have a negative impact on our mental health and our self-esteem. Once again, those thoughts don't represent reality, so it's important to be able to see the perception that we have of ourselves from another perspective — everyone on this planet has weaknesses AND strengths. Having this state of mind will be helpful to have a positive attitude towards yourself and your life.

PRACTICING GRATITUDE. When our mind focuses too many negative thoughts, we tend to forget the positive and happy things that happen in our lives — being able to appreciate the smallest things that we often take for granted.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Finally, please, do not hesitate to reach out and to share your thoughts with someone. Venting to someone else can help you to see the situation from another point of view. I believe in you ❤ If you need clarification or if you have any questions, please share your comment below; I'll be more than happy to read your comment! <3 



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    I absolutely LOVE this thread! I will be coming back to this one and your part 1 thread a lot, what a helpful and happy space you have made :smile::heart:
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