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Gender issues

ValerialettoValerialetto Posts: 87 Budding Regular

Hello guys,

I really want to know your opinion and to talk about gender issues cause it seems that in Europe there are some really serious society changes connected with transgender people.I’m very tolerant to all the people and I hope my thread won’t hurt anyone. I just wanted to tell that on that beautiful moment when woman gives birth to a child, doctor says «it’s a boy» or «it’s a girl» and not « it’s transgender», cause our gender is something we are gifted biologically by nature and not something that comes up 13 years later. I’m sorry again if it’s unpleasant for someone here, but I guess this issue influences our society strongly and we need to be really attentive to this changes and I just wanted to know your opinion about that.

You also can find an article attached on this topic



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