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Is it ok to masturbate with a finger up my butt

Hi my name's Jack and I'm 13.

I'm pretty new to masturbation as are all of my friends and we've all started to talk about different techniques we've tried. I have tried putting a finger up my bum whilst masturbating and I enjoyed it so I've done it a few times. When I mentioned this to my friends I was laughed and told that this was gay and asked if I'd got poo on my hands. 

This really scared me so I want to know who else had tried and what other people's opinions on it are. 


  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    Heyy Jack, welcome to the mix, I'm Kathleen, 14 :) 

    I think it's perfectly okay to do this. It's your body - and it doesn't make you weird or disgusting or anything else you may be worrying about. I think this is something quite a few people do. My only advice is to maybe use some lube lol. Keep doing this if you like it, it's normal and healthy.

    Best wishes <3 
  • LabraBellLabraBell Art is my passion :3Posts: 203 Trailblazer
    It's not gay to do that, nor is it wrong at all. No body should judge you for doing it, nor for enjoying it.

    And - did you know? The male G-spot is located inside the anus. So the reason that it feels good is the same reason as a woman would feel good putting a finger up her own vagina. 

    You aren't gay unless you say you are, and it's not a disgusting habit unless you yourself feel disgusted by it. You have the freedom to do what you like to yourself. Within reason of course.

    Just remember to lock the door to prevent any incidents :3
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    I think many people probably do it, but not openly discussed.  though its not something ive tried or will but i am female so maybe different. But all different anyway and think lot of people have sexual desires that they feel should be shameful, i do anyway but its whatever people like as long as it dont harm others then its okay
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    Hey Jack, just to reiterate what others has said, with a quote from an article on another subject matter. Its perfectly fine what you're doing and experimenting to find what you do or do not enjoy with your own body. Everyone's body is different, and everyone enjoys different things.

    Wanting anal stimulation doesn’t mean you’re gay – men have a prostate gland in their anus, also known as the male G-spot, so it’s not surprising that many find it enjoyable when it’s stimulated

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  • char_smithchar_smith Posts: 2 Literally just got here
    I personally don’t think it matters what way you chose to masturbate considering the point of it is personal pleasure. Do what you gotta do 😉
  • MikeMike 🚀🌌 In my own worldCommunity Manager Posts: 4,027 Community Veteran
    Hey - it's your body and what you do in private with it is entirely up to you. Nobody to judge you and you get to find out what turns you on. Just a quick tip - get some lube and don't rely on spit! If you are going to do it remember to make it wet, use clean hands, and NEVER put anything up there without a flared base. Other than that - go for it and enjoy yourself :-)
    Hey, I'm Lulu- also 13. Totally normal and How you masturbate is entirely up to you, no one else(aside from your doctor) should get to have a say in it. Also speaking from personal experience, if someone is making fun of you for doing something(especially sex-related) it's probably because they're ashamed that they do it too. Do what makes you feel comfortable, regardless of what your friends say. 

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