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Advice about my landlady's doing

GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕MidlandsPosts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix

So my landlady is showing up at my house unannounced to show new tenets around. The pass 2 times she let us know but today she turned up without saying anything? I'm trying to be quiet so she doesn't know I'm here. She's made herself at home in the kitchen.
It's making me and my friends uncomfortable that she turns up randomly why we are at work.
Is there any advice anyone has or anything? 
We don't want to upset her but we feel it's rude to just turn up without notice


  • tkdogtkdog Posts: 265 The Mix Regular
    edited August 2019
    She shouldn't be allowed to do that, legally a landlady/landlord should give at least 24 hours notice, although it isn't always the case with some they would at least give you some warning. Could you ask her to warn you next time she comes? Maybe an email of sort or text. Or at least have a schedule to appear or an estimated date because it is unfair on you. Maybe you could ask her also to come at a convenient time for you. Also is she entering the house using her own key, because that also seems extra strange. 
    Best to talk it with her I think politely, you don't necessarily need to say why though you can give a reason, idk if u used a private landlady or one using a letting agent because they would help too. She needs also to give a reason why she is coming and communicate with you more. You might for example be very busy or the house may be in a mess etc. so yeah it is fair for you to ask. Unless it is an emergency of sorts.
  • CarolineVCarolineV Posts: 133 The Mix Convert
    As @tkdog said, your landlord has to give at least 24 hours notice (https://www.gov.uk/private-renting)
    Your landlord has to give you at least 24 hours’ notice and visit at a reasonable time of day, unless it’s an emergency and they need immediate access.
    I had similar happen to me, and I just mentioned it in a text and he promised to tell me from now on. If that doesn't work, is there someone further you could take it to-do you rent through an estate agent for example? There's also some info on the link above about various people you can complain to, if that did become necessary.

    I hope you manage to sort it out soon!

  • GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕ MidlandsPosts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Sometimes she gives us warnings, most the time. A few times she's been here without warning. She was here for an hour and s half yesterday, to which she had no idea I was sat upstairs the whole time. One of my housemates did text her but we haven't heard anything. It's rude and uncomfortable. What if she's coming over when we are all at work and nobody is home? 
  • GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕ MidlandsPosts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Also I don't rent through estate agents because of all the extra fees. I rented off spare rooms website and like I've lived in this house for a year and almost 2 months and only recently it's become s problem.
    It's professional housing, 4 or us live together and tennats come and go etc
  • JordanJordan Posts: 344 Super Moderator
    A landlord cannot enter the property without agreement from the tenant and must gain explicit permission with 24 hours of notice.

    However, it sounds like you are living in a "Houses of Multiple Occupancy", otherwise known as an HMO. This would be the case if at least three tenants live there and they form more than one household and you share kitchen or bathroom facilities with the other tenants.

    Because there are four of you living there and you form more than one household you live in an HMO. If this is the case, then the landlord has a right to access shared areas(Kitchens, living rooms, etc) in order to complete inspections, maintenance, or collect rent. The only areas that would be off-limits are bedrooms in which 24-hour notice must be given. This is because in most HMOs you are not usually renting the property itself, but the room you stay in. Each person living there will have a separate contract for their room.

    I'd check over your contract to find out what sort of notice period it sets out for you.
  • GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕ MidlandsPosts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    She enters rooms without letting us know. The contract said she gives 24 hours notice before entering the property
  • GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕ MidlandsPosts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    She hasn't acknowledged our texts or anything about this incident and she's also ignoring us about a gas issue we Apparently have. 

    What am I supposed to do
  • JordanJordan Posts: 344 Super Moderator
    edited August 2019
    Not sure where you live, but this advice here is applicable to England, it is worth reading over as it isn't easy to summarise. As well as that, here is some advice from Citizens Advice offering some good information on repairs.
  • GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕ MidlandsPosts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    My landlady is beginning to realise we are annoyed at her. When she comes over we dont to down stairs to greet her. This weekend she booked a viewing for 9am? Who does that on a Saturday in a house of people who work through out the week????
  • GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕ MidlandsPosts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    This issue with my landlady is becoming worse 😬
  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 1,021 Wise Owl
    What’s going on @GreenTea ? She sounds awful!!!!
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • GreenTeaGreenTea ☕🌻☕ MidlandsPosts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    She sent us a massive rant through text about the house. We aren't messy. She moaned about the fire doors being held open which has never been an issue before. She moaned that the bins are at the front of the house and not the back, again this was never an issue before. She is constantly on our cases at the moment, over things that haven't been a problem for over a year.

    She also moved at tenent in with only 12 hours notice. Like literally got a text that some girl was moving in, we knew nothing and it's made things in the house awkward because shes supposed to give us much more notice
  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 1,021 Wise Owl
    Wow she sounds like a nightmare. Shelter have a free advice service if you want to be clear on your rights and what to do? https://england.shelter.org.uk/get_help
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
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