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ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 443 Rampant Poster
Why when u go to ppl n cry for help, they don't want to know


  • BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Sunny ScotlandPosts: 2,674 Mega Poster
    It's all about finding the right people to talk to, the right people will want to know :) some people don't know how to act when you go to them crying for help, they don't understand, but some people do :)
    ' So I put a bullet where I shouda put a helmet, and I crash my car cause I wanna get carried away, that's why I'm standing on the overpass screaming at myself 'hey, I wanna get better''  
  • Butterfly23Butterfly23 Miniposter England Posts: 817 Incredible Poster

    I agree with @BubblesGoesBoo it’s important to find someone who would want to listen to you, and will help you in the best way as some people struggle with knowing what to do/say in them types of situations 💓

    I hope you are okay,

    Butterfly x
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 223 The Mix convert
    Just echoing what the others have said as they are exactly right. Asking for help is a really brave thing to do, and you always deserve to feel supported, so well done for asking - even if the reaction wasn't quite what you hoped for :heart:

    Remember we are always here for you x
  • LibbyLibby Posts: 40 Cool Newbie
    Hi, I understand how frustrating it is when people don't listen when you need help. I agree with the others that it depends on who you ask and some people can't understand when others are having difficulties. I think it's great that you have reached out to people because I know how hard that is. Xxx
  • Han93Han93 EnglandPosts: 147 The Mix convert

    Hi @ellie2000

    Just wanted to echo what everyone else has said and tell you that we are always here for you <3

    Is there anything you'd like to talk to us about?

  • Butterfly23Butterfly23 Miniposter England Posts: 817 Incredible Poster
    I hope you are feeling a bit better Ellie  <3
  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 443 Rampant Poster
    They just mention what I hav now. And not wat im feeling
  • knownaslonerknownasloner United KingdomPosts: 36 Cool Newbie
    edited August 16

    Yes, you do need to find the right people who will listen to how you’re feeling but there’s a difference between someone who attempts to understand and someone who actually understands. It would probably help to find someone who has been through a similar experience as you. It won’t be easy and might take time but when you do, I’m certain they will listen to you and give you a shoulder to cry on because they would have been through that pain themselves. Having someone to vent to can really lift some weight off your shoulders.

    I’m sorry that you’ve been let down, that must have really affected you. If you want to talk further, I’m here. Maybe if I know what’s going on, I can help [or at least try]. 

    Wishing you all the best!  <3
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