Someone or something that inspires you?

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Thought it would be nice to have a thread for this and I'm totally interested in peoples answers. It could be anything from a person, some art work, music, film, place, event, etc...

(this is a part of my homework for my training loll & wondering others (not sure myself yet) & thought would make a nice thread too) 😊


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    My Nan  inspires me . She was amazing and always had these we’re sayings and I’m starting to write them down becuase I’m slowly losing her memories but she was a amazing person who was always there for us to talk to about anything 
    You have a purpose.
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    Was randomly watching an interview with Eddie Izzard the other day, and oh my goodness what an inspirational human being. They talked about how they'd ran over 80 marathons, toured the world, and now they're getting into politics, all while facing the usual social challenges of having a non-binary identity. Blew me away, honestly. I've always known of Eddie Izzard but never taken much (if any) time to really learn about them.
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    1. My friends mum
    2. My friend (he is also autistic.)
    3. My orthodontist
    4. The ladies who did my x-rays and CT Scan today.
    5. The nurse I saw on Friday.
    6. My counsellor
    7. Mike, Aife, Ed and Italia.
    8. Everyone else on The Mix  (chat, boards, articles and helplines.
    9. My dance teacher
    10. My pe teacher 
    11. My cheerleading coach.
    12. The cheerleading squad.
    13. My sisters
    14. My cats
    15. My sisters boyfriend
    16. Childline 
    17. 7Cups
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