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Thanks thingy

SauterelleSauterelle LondonPosts: 13 Confirmed not a robot
Is it possible to add Thanks to the 'insightful', 'hugs' etc please? Being new here and not knowing people yet, clicking a Thanks would show appreciation.

Got to get back to my homeschooling now. Will be back later.


  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    Hey <3

    Idk if The Mix would consider adding "thanks" - but for now, clicking "hugs" will do :) Hugs shows support, such as being sorry to hear of something, or appreciating a kind post, etc.. Agree shows that well, you agree with what someone has said, whether that's a great bit of support or an opinion. Insightful shows that you find something interesting or clever. You'll get used to it!

    You're homeschooled, then? Wow! I'm home-educated too :3 Not homeschooled as such though - rather than doing a load of studying and having my parents teach me and whatnot, I learn more from just living and experiencing.
  • SauterelleSauterelle LondonPosts: 13 Confirmed not a robot
    edited April 2019
    Thanks Kathleen, I'll do that. I've always associated hugs with affection, but now I can see where your coming from.

    Home schooling is way cool! Wow you are, too. I do it with cousins, but it stops us from being with other kids in a classroom at a big school. I don't talk much, so in a way, schooling at home is better. And if parents can educate you with their greater knowledge, that is incredibly good. :3:

    Thanks for your advice and chat.
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