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Can I rub coke on my clitoris?

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imageCan I rub coke on my clitoris?

Can I rub coke on my clitoris? - The Mix asks an expert.

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    What a load of rubbish that reply is, clearly a cookie cutter response. Your BF rubbed it on you because of the strong local anaesthetic effect it has, likely in an attempt to 'slow you down'. It's very unlikely that much if any of the drug was actually absorbed and certainly not enough to cause any of the effects normally associated with using cocaine via insufflation (snorting it). It sounds much more likely that your his ache because you just had a lot of sex; if his plan to numb you worked, coupled with the high sex drive and inability to orgasm that cocaine often causes, it's likely you just went at it for longer and in much more unusual positions that normal.
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