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Sorry about the mistake with the count to ten thousand!

PianoGal0301PianoGal0301 Posts: 37 Boards Initiate
Hi everyone,
You might have seen on the count to ten thousand discussion, I put a random 39, my tablet was being slow and didnt load properly so came up as only got to 38 - sorry again x


  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    What, there's definitely no need to apologise! That stuff happens all the time anyways :)<3
  • PianoGal0301PianoGal0301 Posts: 37 Boards Initiate
    Thanks ❤ how are you doing?

  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    I'm the usual (as always). Struggling a lot and all that :/ How are you feeling?
  • PianoGal0301PianoGal0301 Posts: 37 Boards Initiate
    Struggling as well, got an appointment at my eating disorder clinic with my psychiatrist which I'm nervous about , *hugs* xx
  • independent_independent_ Resident Coffee Addict ScotlandPosts: 7,280 Master Poster
    These things happen, don't worry about it. I hope the appointment went well. X
    “Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”
  • AbigailAbigail Carer/musician Posts: 688 Incredible Poster
    Hey girl. Ever comment on there is 1 closer to the 10,000. Mike originally started it and its was a cool at the time it's been one of those cool boomerang thread which keeps coming back with avengeance. Dont be afraid to repost on there I know you can do it. If you want a bit of a laugh. There is a A road in the UK nicknamed the devils highway cos it's the A666. Here a meme type picture. Hope it works. 


    Some people think I am unhappy. I'm not. I just approach silence in the world that never stops talking.
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