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Had enough!!!

sozforhappysozforhappy LondonPosts: 123 The Mix Convert
I so hate when people ask me stupid questions out of sarcasm and telling me off. Especially my parents and teachers at tuition. Like asking "Do you want to go out to work or study or just laze around watching TV? Really?", or "When are you going to improve your handwriting, after your exams?", or "Do you really think this is tidy?". And giving me angry ugly looks. It doesn't matter if it's to make me better or not, which is what they would say if I tell them I didn't like it, it's still hurtful and upsetting in itself. Tough love sucks. I'm an adult now, they can't talk to me like that no matter how many mistakes I make. Why do the people who shape or lives also ruin it?!! It so pisses me off how people say "Really" like that as if I'm ridiculous or stupid.


  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 993 Part of The Mix Family
    Can totally relate to this, @sozforhappy. I think it’s part of our weird culture that people think it’s acceptable to make judgemental comments all the time :expressionless: I usually just nod and ‘laugh’, I know it’s difficult but try ignore it if you can. They think they’re helping but really not!! 
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