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Wanting a boyfriend

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Hello my name is Shola, I am 20 years of age and I really really want to be able to find a nice boyfriend who is in his mid or late 20s or even early 30s that will love and cherish me forever. I really want to know if there is something out there in Birmingham that will help me find someone around that age range because I am now an adult and I was thinking about trying online dating, going to a nightclub and setting my own social group to make it more easier for me to find someone a little more older than me. Also I just wish that more services like maybe youth services was extended up to age 30 too like with all saints youth project for an example having a nice group for young adults called the inclusion+ which has an age range from 19 up to age 35. I was really shocked about this because I have never heard of a youth group doing things like that before and or going to nice places like discos, meals out, pubs and many others. Also I wish that more youth services would do something like that like with London doing some youth groups for young adults aged from 18-30. 


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    Some of my female friends in Mallorca have not had the greatest time with dating agencies unless one pays a reputable agency who will take extra time finding you a good match. All these so-called 'free' agencies can be pretty disasterous, and you do not want to get hurt!

    Maybe the social group you hang out with at a nightclub could help you, but I think that mutual attraction does happen, and from my experience it's best not outwardly appearing to be fishing for a boyfriend. Because blokes tend to pick up on that. It would only take the wrong kind of guy to pick you up for a one-nighter, and the next morning you'll feel bad.

    I agree that youth services should extend ages a little. Perhaps you could try joining a local social interest group like a rambler's club, and making friends while enjoying a gentle walk? You don't have to be overly fit for having a walk and some of these rambles are only for, say, 3 miles. Going regularly you get to know others and it might just happen that during this gentle walk, that a nice guy takes interest in you.

    Sorry, I don't know anything about London's social groups. I'm from Spain and socials are more orientated around our local towns where people are naturally welcoming and friendly. I do wish you luck though, for given time when it is right, you are bound to find some worthy of your love. :)
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    Hey @Sholay09 Think is great youre thinking about trying those things - could go far. Things like clubbing, online dating are great ways to meet new people. Cause have to put yourself out there. Even if you dont find a guy you like - even just meeting new poeople & making friends is great as make friends as you make friends with their friends. Just meeting people with similar interests ect. Like my older sister didnt meet her boyfriend from just meeting a guy but through her friends and her friends introduced her to their friends. If makes sense. Basically mean could be when least aspect it aswell. Let us know how everything goes for you

    all the best
    IM struggling
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    Ok thank you Shaunie and Floxy for your helpful advice.
    Shaunie[Deleted User]
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    Sholay09 said:
    Ok thank you Shaunie and Floxy for your helpful advice.
    If you find a guy who can sit in comfortable silences with you, then you're halfway there. My ex said that of me, and in turn I feel the same way with Ines who I'm going to marry in September. So if you find someone who feels lovely being with, and can give you a cuddle without pressure of him wanting more, then he could be just the right one.

    I grew into my relationship. Ines though was already known and loved by my family, but from the day we started going out, things went well with hardly any differencies or arguments. People grow together, that's what I'm told and I hope one day, the same for you. Be patient with yourself and I know that can be difficult. I'm sure some guy will meet you, but when the time is right.

    I was single for a long time, and I think being single actually did me good. Helped me find myself, and we all need that. :)
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