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For men and women. I’m just curious about the infamous BJ

So my boyfriend told me I’m the only girl he’s been with that will give him a bj every time we have sex, and sometimes I do it more than once during sex. I am just curious; men does your partner do this; Or women do you do this for your man? I just like people to be pleased and happy. Them happy makes me happy. So why wouldn’t I always do this?? Also I truly enjoy them too. I have a friend who says she doesent do them because that’s gross. I’m just curious of others opinion and experiences on this topic.


  • Tee ATee A Posts: 49 Cool Newbie
    Hey Chaelabean

    ​I will try to give you a female perspective. I personally do not think any acts of oral sex such as bj's are 'gross' but that is just my opinion. It seems as though you like to satisfy your partner during sex. Some people are pleasers and some people like to be pleased. There is nothing 'odd' about that. Maybe you and your friend are just into different things.

    Try to remember that oral sex is not for everyone :)

    ​Good Luck!
    ​-Tee A:hyper:
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