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Help. Jealous cousin on loose. He's driving me nuts

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I have a cousin who is just very insecure of me. Needless to say, he acts out so much. He is so friggin mean, and I'm trying to be the better person, but I don't know how to keep it up anymore.

What should I do? How should I be handling a jealous cousin?


  • MikeMike Community Manager Posts: 4,099 Community Veteran
    Welcome to the community, aftershock. :wave: Good to see you posting.

    I wonder if it would help if we had a bit more context to the situation. Do you know what he's jealous of, exactly? How old are you both, if you don't mind me asking? You don't need to answer that last one if you don't want to. :)
    Taking a break 🌈
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