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Is she thinking of me or him

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I recently found out that my partner of 15 years had been sexting with a guy who came out to connect our gas supply back up, it was going on for 10 days until I found out, she has said she has told me everything which included some really graphic photos and texts sent by both, she has told me it's me she wants and she's had no contact with him since I found out but I have noticed whenever we have sex now she is like a river down below which she wasn't like before so just wondering if she's imagining him inside her while we are being intimate


  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 9,128 Supreme Poster

    I'm sorry to know that partner was sex texting with someone else.

    But its always good to talk about how you feel with each other and what you think. If you haven't already ?

    It's hard to answer if she's imaging him or not. Unless she tells you she is. But then there could be other reasons to why.
    Like maybe since shes stopping the sex texting that her sex drive came higher and youre meeting her needs more and not someone else as well. If that makes sense.

    Take care
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