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Struggling with my mental health

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I've been coming off my depression medication slowly the past few months, after being on them for a year and half.

My suicidal thoughts having been plaguing me the past few weeks. I've been cold, feeling numb, shutting down emotionally, hating everyone and everything again. Slightly snappy. And my self harming urges have been making a come back.

I just don't know what to do anymore, just give in? I'm lost hope in ever getting better.


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    I don't know much about coming off medication but the rest of what ur saying I can relate to, as many people here will, my advise isn't really that helpful but I found you just have to go through it. We're with you on this and I hope you find something/someone that helps u on here and by the way, none of us really know what we're doing ;)

    J x
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    Hey shadows. Welcome.

    I'm really sorry you feel like this.

    Do you think the medication helped? If so maybe going back onto them maybe an option. It sounds like you came of them slowly which is always good. But is always best to speak with your doctor or who gave them out about coming of them to help you find the least negative repercussions.

    But giving up shouldn't be an option there are ways to feel better. Youre important. You desrve support and to feel better. Even if it does mean going on medication again. But there are also other healthy coping mechanisms, like doing things you enjoy.to try and help. And speaking to someone.

    Hope things start getting a lil bit better soon
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