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Share your exams tips!

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It's that time of year again where exams are coming up! This can be a really difficult time for many us and knowing where to start with revision can be stressful. With so many exams it's sometimes hard to split our time between subjects, find the motivation to study or remember important information.

I am currently revising too for my exams that are coming up. The type of revision tips that work for me is by using revision mini cards which i find very useful as all the key points are noted down which helps me remember the key information. I also like to be organised, by this is i colour code the different units i need to revise for. Also, looking through past papers can help as you can have a clear idea on the type of questions that you may get asked, and it will give you time to prepare on how to answer the questions. It is also very important to not leave revision last minute as you may not get enough time to prepare.

It can be really helpful to share revision tips and find out what other people do to revise, so what’s your best revision tips? Share your tips below :)


  • FeatheredDreamsFeatheredDreams Miniposter Posts: 91 The answer to life, the universe, and everything
    Teaching & discussing with other people has probably been my best way to revise. I, and a creed of other students, in my psychology class offered to ourselves run psychology revision workshops over AS content (we have A2 exams in summer) and planning + teaching lessons has both made me revise and sharpened my skills.

    Aside that, i like to do this thing if i need to remember specific facts: write it on a peice of paper, fold the paper in half, write it again & write it shorter because there's less paper to write on, fold it in half again, rewrite in an even shorter way, fold paper and so on until you can't possibly fold the paper anymore or until you can't possibly shorten the sentence anymore. makes you pick out the keywords in it that actually matter when you have to shorten it so many times, and you end up with a piece of information that's easier to remember.
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    Another good tip will be playing a game with a small group. You could draw an image of a theory, where there is no words but just pictures. By this they could guess what you are drawing. This will help keep the image saved in your mind to help you with it later on. I found this useful as not only is it engaging but, it helped me remember a few things.
  • Pink+fluffyPink+fluffy Noob Posts: 84
    Before the exam don't have caffeine or chocolate, get some fresh air, take water into the exam but don't drink too much xx
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    @Pink+fluffy When i revise i usually have a chewing gum and when it comes to the exam i tend to have the same chewing gum, and it slightly helps from remembering what i was revising! May help for others too.
  • CharlotteCharlotte Posts: 229 Trailblazer
    I find that short and often is the best thing, if I sit down and try and do large amounts of time I get distracted and I don't take in as much. Like zaynah said I also find that flash cards help.
  • AifeAife LondonPosts: 2,488 Community Manager
    When I had exams I found taking short breaks really helpful - when I'd been revising for ages sometimes I needed 10 minutes away from it helped me stay focused. I also found sticking revision notes all around my room and house helpful so I could test myself anytime I saw a note :)
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    Just knowing that my best is enough actually gets me to revise. And also that it is actually a lot rarer than it sounds to regret your job choices. Some people say this, when they don't realise the vast amount of options that they have.
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