I'm going to fail

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I'm going to fail, this last module has been tough , 50% gone with this other assignment I can't do it and I can't ask for help.

I was also told not to contact the DBT place for coaching . I'm finding things difficult .

I can't talk to anyone .


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    How come you can't ask for help, Notagain? And what are you studying, out of interest?
    "900 years of time and space and I've never met someone who wasn't important.”

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    @ellaleftwonderland , thank you, that made me feel better hearing that :) hahah I, love memes.

    I was given an extension for one half of the module but I've not heard anything for the other (online test) that's overdue by 2 weeks now,so that 80% deduction at this point.

    @Mike I think it's because of rejection or bad things happening as a result of asking for help. I think I've been conditioned into thinking that because of the constant negative reinforcements. Not only that, I constantly think i'm going to bother people, so I try not to disrupt them.

    P.s I'm studying Bioscience
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