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Most people say that they love to laugh, and that having a good sense of humour is essential - so I'm puzzled that a high proportion of people don't watch sitcoms. I never go a day without watching them. If I try to start a conversation about the latest episode / series of Catastrophe or Drifters, the large majority of people haven't even heard of them and look at me as though I'm an alien who's just landed from Mars.


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    I love sitcoms. I used to hate them, but I kind of grew into them. The only one I watched as a kid was 8 Simple Rules, but I could never get into the others. When I was at college I started watching Big Bang Theory and then that opened the floodgates for things like How I Met Your Mother and (of course) Friends. :p Can't say I've heard of Catastrophe, but I've seen Drifters advertised.

    It's worth noting that watching sitcoms doesn't automatically mean you have a good sense of humour, and equally not watching them doesn't mean you don't. It's just entertainment at the end of the day, and what people enjoy will always vary. :)
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    I've never understood why I'm frequently looked down upon for watching sitcoms, often by the same people who claim that having a good sense of humour is imperative. The fact that I like and appreciate sitcoms and comedy films every day does show that I appreciate the genre. If I didn't have a sense of humour, I wouldn't enjoy them. I don't have to tell jokes myself to prove that I have a sense of humour.

    When I see that a very funny sitcom that's broadcast on a channel which the vast majority of people in the country have, I find it strange when I find out that only about a million people watch it - in comparison to several million watching Z-listers eat animal genitalia on I'm a Celebrity.

    I'm puzzled why professional critics view the large majority of comedy with contempt - they like some satire and comedy-drama, but they hate full-on comedy.

    I suffer frequently being insulted and ridiculed by people for not watching what they watch, in particular sport (which I have no interest in) and Game of Thrones (which I saw the first episode of and hated).
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    I'm puzzled at the vitriolic hatred and ridicule I receive for what I choose to and not to watch. I now don't raise the topic of what I watch, but I tell the truth when asked. The judgement on me is that watching sitcoms proves I'm a "retard" and that not watching sport proves I'm a "faggot". It doesn't affect anyone else, so why are people attacking me for it? I suffer being similarly verbally attacked for not getting drunk and getting into physical fights with strangers. It's like there must be some manual of unofficial rules that I'm being punished for not adhering to.
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