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Very high appetite

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I suffer from a ridiculously high appetite. I'm hungry for the large majority of the time. Despite eating many times every day, I often feel painfully hungry - as though I haven't eaten for days. After I've eaten, I'm hungry again within minutes. I'm often woken by my hunger and sometimes have to eat something before I'm able to go back to sleep.

Eating all this food is costing me a lot and I'm gaining a lot of body fat.

What can I do to reduce my appetite? I've tried distracting myself and keeping busy with other things, but it doesn't work. I asked doctors for appetite suppressants, but they refused to prescribe them to me.


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    Hi Robert,

    Here is a link for ways to help your appetite. It could be that you're not eating large enough meals, or filling meals which make you hungry more often. It may also be good to talk to your doctor about possible reasons why you might be experiencing this. Here is a link for ways to reduce an appetite but to still eat well:

    Drea :)
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    I'm eating huge amounts of food that should be filling. I'm already doing what that article suggests, but my appetite is still ridiculously high and I'm so hungry that it's painful.
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