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HELP drunk and disordely behavior

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hi i have no idea if im in the right place,but i will try anyway.

So my husband has been charged with= drunk and disorderly behavior . but the situation is just ridiculous. ok here it goes maybe somebody can help me .

- few weeks ago he and his friend went outside for a drink. they weren't drunk and they weren't sober, it was a middle situation. So they went to a pub but they couldn't get in, because guard didn't let them in. My husband then asked why? And the guard started to push him on the road ( husband wasn't violent ) , next come the police officers, but not to help my husband but to push him farther away. Husband started to ask questions like - why? i didn't do anything etc. - They didn't listen to him but took him to a police station for a night. and now they are charging him with a drunk and disorderly behavior. Can somebody help me with some advice, how to win this case and what to do? Many thanks!!


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    Hi @niikie and welcome to The Mix boards :wave:

    Sorry to hear about your husband's situation, although we can't offer any legal advice on here. Have you considered getting in touch with Citizens Advice? You could get some information from their website, or perhaps give them a call or visit your local bureau or a solicitor for some more specific advice on the situation and your husband's rights.

    Hope the outcome is successful, do let us know how you get on.

    All the best :)
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