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It's playlist time!

JamesJames Posts: 1,706 Community Manager

Hey folks,

I know we've got a lot of music fans and playlist builders around here, so here's a weekend challenge!
We're collecting mood-boosting playlists and would love to hear which songs can help you feel more positive and upbeat at the end of a long day.

Here's the info:
For many, music (be it seeing a band, jamming or just hitting play on a playlist) can help to lift spirits and turn around a bad day.
So we have a challenge for you. Instead of just clicking ‘shuffle’ and skipping through 80% of your songs, how about you create a self-care #HeadMix playlist to listen to when you need some me-time?
Submit your #HeadMix playlist HERE - you could include some calming music, motivational songs or songs from your childhood and sing along to your heart’s content.

Here's one of my favs to get things started :hyper:



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