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Introducing myself

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Hi, my name is Hermes. I have a girlfriend that suffers from anxiety attacks everyday. She has just started this week to take some prescribed medication. However, she is a born-again christian and does not believe that much on medication and saids that does not want to be dependant on them so she does not take them as prescribed. I love her very much but she sometimes turns a bit violent and critize me lot and saids things to me such as: I am passive-agressive, too quite, weak, etc. What can I do?


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    Hey there. I'm new here. But this sounds slightly similar to something I went through. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was 18 years old, I'm 21 now. But I was suffering for a long time before my diagnosis. I was put on medication to help control it, but I had the same feelings as your girlfriend in the way that I did not want to become dependent on them. I think you need to have a conversation with your girlfriend.. it can sometimes be quite dangerous and make you feel a lot worse if you aren't taking them as prescribed, I know this from experience. She needs to either stop them all together, or take them the way that the GP suggests. I hope this was slightly helpful.. :chin:
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    Welcome to both of you. :wave: And thanks for sharing your great insight there, @heybutters.

    @Hermes1160, we'd encourage you to post a bit more about this in either Health & Wellbeing or Sex & Relationships. This area is mainly for introductions, and threads on meaty topics will get a lot more views and responses over in one of those. :)
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