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New diagnosis : "EUPD with probable ASD"

Today I saw my psychiatrist for the second time.

I got a new official diagnosis of "emotionally unstable personality disorder with probable autism spectrum disorder" (basically eupd with very likely ASD, but I need to see autism team for it to be official ASD), but basically for their purposes they are assuming I have ASD also. (Note although he doesn't feel comfortable giving people this diagnosis of EUPD normally, he felt he had enough evidence through my contacts within MH services).

He said ASD and EUPD are very difficult combinations and they kinda react against each other. As people with EUPD struggle to manage their emotions and people with ASD struggle to understand their emotions- basically the two conditions fight against each other.

Also I've been prescribed a new medication to try - think it's called "promethezaine" - I've to use it as and when I need it, it's to calm me down when I get too overwhelmed (I looked online and it says it's a sedative :/).

The plan is to see autism team when my referral comes through and also to see psychiatrist at CMHT. The psychiatrist hopes that the combination of two teams can help me. I'm also getting a CCR (complex case review) - where the psychiatrist , has a meeting about me with my old psychologist, the head psychiatrist and some of the nurses I spoke to on desk duty (when I phoned feeling very suicidal) to see if they have any ideas that would be helpful for me.

He also said I should be due to see autism team soon, and to contact them to find out. They still have no appointment for me and they said it's looking like next year, when they aimed to see me next month :( so that complicates things!

I've also been put on weekly dispensed medication (need to go to pharmacy every week vs every month)- due to how bad my suicidial thoughts have started to get. I've had them a lot in past but when I was having them (at time of my quite disturbing posts on here), I was getting more riskier than ever, so for safety reasons I'm on weekly meds, although they have calmed down recently (im prone to them, so I could easily get into that state again).

Overall I'm a bit relived, but scared and apprehensive too....l


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey apandav,

    Really good to see you posting on here. How've you been doing recently?

    It's great that you've moved forward somewhat, in that you've got some plans after seeing your psychiatrist, as well as strategies in place to keep you safe :yes: It's also natural for you to feel a bit scared and apprehensive; it can be difficult to understand a new diagnosis and to manage taking a new medication. Do you feel supported with this?

    I do want to say that I think you're doing so so well in reaching out for support that's available, and you've come really far and everything you're doing takes guts! Keep on doing what you're doing - and we're here for you *hug*
  • apandavapandav :) Posts: 2,072
    Hey Raich,

    Been trying to manage things but fining it hard, but managed to control suicidal thoughts and they have calmed down now. But getting quite uptight with other things going on :(

    in some ways I feel supported in it, but I'd like to understand this new diagnosis more. I've been looking it up online and the thing is there's a few criteria that doesn't apply to me to, which makes it hard to understand and also still nervous about meds. I trial led them last Thursday and they do make me very drowsy , but I feel I'd rather that than what it's like when I'm extremely agitated.

    Thanks Raich!

    To be honest I'm feeling quite down and stressed right now, there's a lot getting to me and it's taking its toll. :(
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