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Working two jobs

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I have been working two jobs for the past three years. My primary job is flex schedule. No earlier than 6 am and no later than 9 pm. My second job hours has changed. Now my primary job is saying that I cant work the second job because they are afraid that it will affect my productivity. It hasn't in the past so now I'm wondering why not. Now my second job needs me from 8:30 am -2 pm. I can work 6 am - 8 am on my first job. Leave and go to my second job from 8:30 am - 2 pm and return to my first job to finish my shift. I did it before and now they are telling me NO.


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    Hey Tamela,

    Welcome to the community. :wave: Just a heads up, the discussion boards are aimed at 13-25 year olds so we might be a bit limited in the support we can provide. You're still welcome to post, but something to bear in mind.

    Sounds like a frustrating situation to be in, especially considering (like you said) this hasn't affected your productivity in the past, and by the sounds of it you're trying to be super efficient with your time.

    Just as a first step, are you able to discuss this with the relevant people (assuming your manager) and perhaps find a bit more about their reasoning?

    You can also go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau for free advice and information around work issues such as this. :yes:
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