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We've started our first discussion for our Christmas campaign which is focusing on religion or cultural beliefs that help you when you're feeling down. Some of the responses will be used anonymously on social media as a video. If you'd like to take part, head over to this thread.


JamesJames Posts: 1,706 Extreme Poster

It's nearly fathers' day and we've been thinking about what makes a good father-figure. If you believe TV, then a dad is someone full of good and not-so-good advice!

So today we're asking:
What's the best, worst & silliest #Dadvice you've received from a father-type?

(this could be your dad, or any male, dad-like person in your life)


  • JamesJames Posts: 1,706 Extreme Poster
    And just to do Homer justice, here's one of his wiser moments:

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