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I have a guy I've been fuck buddies with for a few months now. Over the past two weeks he's started calling me babe? He never used pet names before and he doesn't use them on any of our friends and I'm not quite sure how to respond. I want to make it clear to him that unless he's expecting something other than just sex from me I don't want him to call me babe or anything like that. I also don't know how to word my response in a way that isn't harsh or rude. I don't want to end the fwb thing I just don't want terms of endearment.


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    "Hey, I have been noticing you call me 'babe' recently. I would prefer that you just call me Dorothy (assuming your name is Dorothy). I am not big on terms of endearment, especially not from people I am not dating. Thank you."
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    Hey, and welcome to the boards. :wave:

    As StrubbleS demonstrates, it could well be as simple as telling him just that! It might not matter too much how you word it; this seems like it would be difficult to take the wrong way, even if worded bluntly. As long as the general message is there, you're probably on good ground (although I get how easy these things are to overthink). :) Let us know how it goes!
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