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Concerned for my health

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This might seem odd, but please here me out first.

​My job has me outside so most of my days are spent walking and carrying reasonably heavy bags or pulling a trolley. I don't consider myself fit, but I am able to get round reasonably on time, but I am pretty exhausted at the end of the day.

For the past few years I have had to work a lot of overtime so my typical working week instead of being 40 hours sometimes pushes 60 or even 70 hours and it happens practically every week. I only get Sunday off and my holidays and bank holidays. Lately I have been noticing I get a pressure sensation in the centre of my chest, not painful, just enough to make me take deep breaths for a while. I've also found on my days off that this is more frequent so seems to be at rest rather than at work. I also feel incredibly fatigued (again more on my days off).

I have been trying to get advice for how I have been feeling, but it is proving incredibly difficult. Seen Doctors who say my heartrate and blood pressure is fine and they cannot detect any problems. Tried to get advice on from a private doctor who just sent a message back saying they could not help me and refunded me my money. All I can guess is that this extra work has overexerted me and resting is the only time the symptoms can show because I am always working.

I wish it was simple just to stop the overtime, but my current office of employment is struggling with workers as most take the mickey and refuse to complete their work so it falls on those who do work to pick up the slack. Trouble is I'm one of the few left doing it so I am being heavily overworked to compensate - a short term solution to a long term problem. Any advice on what I can do or how I have been feeling? I am scared I will die with no real reason except karoshi.


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    Hey @djm2015,

    It sounds like you're really struggling with work and your health at the moment. How are you feeling today?

    From reading your post, it does seem like you are being seriously overworked, and this can sometimes lead to adverse health consequences. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had much luck with the doctors - if the pain and fatigue continues to be a problem, it's okay to go back and ask to discuss your symptoms further.

    Is there anybody at work who is aware of your recent health concerns? It might be worth discussing these with your employer. We have some information here on health and safety, as well as working hours, which you might find of some use.

    Physical symptoms aside, how are you doing in general? Do you have friends or family members you can talk to about what's going on?

    Let us know how you're getting on *hug*
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