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need help with my story

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Hi guys, I'm trying to re-write a story I wrote a while ago.

Basically there is a married couple. The women is a professional dancer but her husband is an abusive alcoholic.
One night the women has a tragic accident which leaves her wheelchair bound. Because she is unable to dance anymore her husband beats her up and kicks her out the house. But later on she meets a guy who is mute but he takes her in a looks after her.

However near the end we find out he is a angel and he is there to help her learn to cope with her disability.
They are spending Christmas together and he tells her to make a wish (not tell him what it is.)
When he wakes up he finds he is able to speak as that was her wish........

My problem is that most of the story he is going to be mute so how do I write what he talks about via signing and writing but how will I get this to work in my story?



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    I don't know if you still have this problem but...

    Try putting his thoughts in italics before the action or after the action, to make it clear what he is trying to say to the reader?

    Like this: (But I don't know how to do italics on here)
    Jayden jumped up and down, waving his arms about, a serious expression on his face. 'No! Please don't do that!'

    I'm not a writer by any means, but there's my suggestion :)
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