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Booster Buddy *Mental Health app*

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So, I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not so if it's not you can remove it @TheSite
But recently I've come across an app called boosterbuddy, it's available on both android and iOS. It's an app which helps those who struggle with mental illnesses.
It works by giving you quests to do each day (these are only small tasks) that you're encouraged to complete. The app will ask you a few questions at the beginning in order to cater these 'quests' to the individuals needs.
It also has an option which reminds you to take your medication, which is really helpful as I know it's really easy to forget to take them.

Not only does it help as an app but it also has a section in the settings that can signpost you to other different websites suitable for a range of mental health issues.

I've tried it out and found it to be really helpful!


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    Seems very helpful Hiccup, thanks for sharing. Also really positive to hear that you've found it helpful.
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    I've now downloaded it and think it will be helpful , thanks for posting :)
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    Thanks for sharing @Hiccup - totally okay to do so :)
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    Hey @Hiccup-Thank you for sharing this app with us all and I am happy you have found something else to help you as that's really good :)

    Stay strong and take good care x
  • apandavapandav :) Posts: 2,072
    I have been using this app daily since I've downloaded it, it has been so helpful, instead of automatically reaching to phone a helpline I have been looking at the coping strategies section of this app, and its been fantastic!

    I think this is such a good app and it's been helping me so much, I'm even going to tell my psychologist about it!
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