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Are you struggling with an eating disorder?

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Hey there,

We just wanted to share this info from our friends over at beat.

Beat are running online support groups around Coping with Christmas in December for under 18s.

The Recovery Club is for anyone struggling with an eating disorder, at any stage of recovery.

The Young Carers’ Club is for friends, brothers, sisters or children of someone with an eating disorder.

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They have some guest speakers including author and blogger Ali Valenzuela, Kat a Beat young ambassador, Ed, a sibling whose brother has recovered and Jenny Grunwald, an expert in supporting young carers.

You can find out more on their website here including info on their groups for over 18s: http://www.b-eat.co.uk/get-help/get-support/online-services/.



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    This may seem a little off topic but this may relate in some ways to this subject; I did used to get severe anxiety episodes which not only affected my sleep patterns and gave me panic attacks but affected my eating. I can still remember Christmas 2006 when I had one of my episodes which turned things upside down. Although the start of the holiday was fine things began to change around Christmas Day night when my worries began to creep in. Then from Boxing Day it kicked in and lasted for about four days (though I thought it would go on longer & it was hell). I shook constantly, found it hard to make decisions, think straight and if course I'd be sick after some meals.

    Why I felt like this was because I felt I'd put up with enough nasty behaviour from some people (though none of them called me fat, they word nitpick in other ways at my apearence & personality and all that behaviour which I either told teachers/friends I trusted, or just simply ignored I felt I'd let it all build up and make me feel guilty for not telling anyone at home when it actually happened). I feel bad for anyone else (my family) who had to witness & become worried whilst I thank them for their patience, encouragement of my inner strength even when I felt I had none & support.

    I did have few other episodes after this one (and one before) but thankfully (touch wood) I've not had one since 2012 where I worried about things I might've missed when I was younger. It's horrible when things stop someone from eating or cause them to eat excessively. I hope that anyone suffering or knows someone who's got an eating disorder finds help and gets themselves or that person near to them out of that cycle asap. No one should have to go through that.
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