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I've been kicked out my house after my mum attacked me I have no where to go I'm staying with my parter but things anit going too good I have no money as my sick note has ran out and my doctors took me off the books due to missing appoments as I have really bad depression and axitey I can't sleep at night I don't no what to do I'm suck I've got no one to turn to anyone got any advice


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    Hey Ashtonbl,

    Welcome to TheSite

    Sorry to hear what's been happening.

    Have you ever heard of shelter? http://england.shelter.org.uk/home

    They may be able to provide you with some support.

    Also could you maybe go to your local council to look at getting into some emergency accommodation

    Shelter also has some info on emergency accommodation


    https://www.gov.uk/homelessness-help-from-council << May be helpful

    Anyway feel free to keep posting.

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    Hello there Ashtonbl,

    First, warm wecomes to TheSite.org message boards, I'm glad that you felt able to reach out to us. Sounds like an awful lot of chaos at the momnt, is your depression and anxiety being managed by medication or therapy at all? Have you asked friends at all if you can crash at theirs at all? If you are struggling to man things with your parthner?

    Would you like to tell us a bit moore about what happened with yourself and your mum? - The links about are handy too, you should be able to access like a bed for the night if you needed one, When you say things with your parthner aren't going well, would you be able to expand on that a bit? However, support related to shelters for you would vary on where you are obviously and travelling/transport to shelter if you chose to take that route. But for now I would suggest like trying to man things with parthner if its possible?

    Keep us updated on your situation and how things are going, remember, you don't have to go through this alone :heart:

    Best wishes,
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    There should be (they were Connexions, I don't know what they are now?) young peoples charities in your area who can also give you advice on housing.
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