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how can I get my deposit back?

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hi everyone,
i am a foreigner student in london. I rented a flat with a roommate( let me call him person A )from FOXTON during 9 /2014 to 9/2015.
the contact has both of us name, and we paid half the rent and half the deposit to FOXTON separately.
I moved out when the contract ended, the FOXTON send me an email ask me if I want to get the lease renewed.,but I didn't respond to that.
but they still put my name on the re-new lease without inform me.( cause person A still lives there)

I found out this days ago, I was waiting to get the deposit back ,but I didnt get any inform about that, so I send email to foxton ask why.

I paid half the deposit directly to FOXTON when the lease started, but the FOXTON told me that I have to ask the person A to give me my half the deposit, because they will remove my name from the contract now, and when the tenancy ends the deposit will send to person A directly who still lives there . But person A has no interest to give me the money back. Foxton said there is nothing they can do, because I didnt tell them I moved out.

I know I am so stupid, I thought I didn't say that I want to renew that means I move out.

My deposit now is hold by the MYDEPOSIT company, I am so confused, because I thought when the deposit hold to the MYDEPOSIT, my name should be register with them, not only person A's name.

Does any one know, when you sign for a tenancy together with others, is the deposit register with both of you or only one person ?
and when you end the tenancy but the other one doesn't , how the deposit going ?

if is only register with my roommate name, How can I get my deposit back now?
this guy is a foreigner too, and he will leave UK in March .

I am really worried cause I really need the deposit back, is about 1000pounds, that is a huge amount money for my family , I don't know how to tell my parents if I couldn't get it back. I need that to pay my current rent before March , I will be homeless.

please help me.


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    hi its me again, I just contacted the Mydeposits , my name still registered with my money. but with MY roommate name too.
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