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Masters degrees

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Are masters degrees worth doing considering the cost?


  • plugitinplugitin Noob Posts: 2,197 Mega Poster
    Depends on what benefit it will bring you. Arguably if it's a subject you love, it'll pay off in terms of enjoyment alone.

    For me, mine paid off. But I can categorically say it won't pay off for everyone - from my cohort some people are still unemployed despite them wanting it to better their career prospects because not every qualification is a guaranteed door opener.

    Think about why you want to do it, what doing it will mean for you and how you will use it later.

    Does the subject allow you to specialise in a subject that you didn't get a chance to do in your Bachelors? Will this directly correlate into a career/profession/academic career at the end of it? Are there any other ways of getting to this point? And most importantly - will you be able to support yourself whilst studying?
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